Population Information:

Brunswick Junction has a population of 1218 people and the total district population is estimated at 2276.

Of the general population:

·                     0 - 14 years make up 24.4%

·                     65 years and over make up 14.8%

Of families:

·                     44.1% are couple families with children

Indigenous community members:

·                     4.4% of the community (as compared to 2.5% Australia wide)

Household Income:

·                     A lower than Australian average median household income ($1014 pw compared to $1234 pw). 

Government Assisted Households:

·                     629 individuals not in the workforce (and receiving federal government benefits) 

Brunswick Dwellings:

·                     A total of 429 dwellings 4.5% being public housing.

·                     8 River cottages - mixed of single and double retirement units for low socio economic residents.



·                     predominantly a primary industry community with

o   dairy farming,

o   dairy processing , and

o   Heavy haulage



·         Public transport - The Australind

o   Departing from Brunswick 11.36am

o   Departing from Bunbury, arriving back in Brunswick 2.45pm

o   No other public transport


·         Private vehicles

o  430 private vehicles, 21 household indicated no vehicles

(There is no way of knowing whether vehicles and/or drivers are appropriately licenced)

o   Brunswick to Centrelink via S/W Highway 27km

o   Brunswick to Centrelink via Australind Bypass 25.9km

o   Brunswick to Harvey 21.7km



o   68% of households with internet access

o   1 public telephone booth in town (often out of order due to vandalism)


Cattle saleyards are located within the town site and regular auctions are held and attended by farmers and cattle buyers throughout the region. 



Peters Creameries has operated in Brunswick Junction since 1955, and currently processes and packages cultured products. 

The Catalano and Carbone bros are heavy haulage companies based in Brunswick and employ over 140 people.  Both companies have been operating since 1960 and provide services state-wide. 

The Brunswick Junction town centre offers a number of retail shops and services including:  a chemist, supermarket and bakery, vet clinic, post office, roadhouse, hairdresser, hardware store and newsagency, caravan park, collectors store and wood work gallery. 



·                     Primary Schools - Brunswick Junction Primary School and St Michaels Catholic Primary School are located in town.  Hope Christian College is located in the district at Roelands.

·                     Secondary Schools – Students are bussed to Harvey SHS, Australind's SHS, Hope Christian College, and various other schools in Bunbury.

Much of the above information was provided by the Shire of Harvey, the Regional Development Commission, Regional Development Australia and the ABS.  * All statistics quoted in this section are sourced from the 2011 ABS census.

At the Shire of Harvey, http://profile.id.com.au/harvey/about/?WebID=150 you can find more information about  Brunswick and the community.